Card Shoppin’

I was brushing past the Post Office exit, when I saw some cards in the window at the adjacent shop corner. I had never been there before, despite it being in the elbow of Timberlyne shopping center where the rock store resides — and the boba. Hip, cool places you’d drag your private school friends […]

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Summer 2020? Clean Your Damn Room

Introduction Ch. 1: Getting Over Lost Chances Ch. 2: Looking Better, Feeling Better Ch. 3: 20 Years Old! Ch. 4: Young Frankenlillia + Mindfulness Ch. 5: The Zoom Cocoon Ch. 6: Other Jobs, Tutoring, and $940 Scammer Fiasco Ch. 7: Do It Like Desi Ch. 8: Cool for the Summer Ch. 9: Mountain Millionaires Ch. […]

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Boost Scores with Science: Five Incredible Techniques to Ace Your Next Exam

Parent and teacher advice have droned certain so-called “good studying habits” in our heads, but have you ever followed all the trusty tips and still fallen short to expectation? Well it turns out that much of this preparation advice is absolute bogus—detrimental to your recollection and ultimately your GPA, according to psychologists. In fact, finding […]

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Your Past Matters

This morning, I stumbled across an Instagram post that read, “People who judge you by your past are committing the worst sort of injustice.” Whoa, whoa. So you’d let a felon babysit your kids? The truth is: your past matters. It matters because your past can predict the future. If the past was absolutely inconsequential, […]

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Improve Your Spotify Playlist Game with these Tips and Tricks

As an admitted Spotify snob who “curates” playlists with images, descriptions, and a carefully prepared repertoire of songs, I scoff at the sight of lesser-than playlists while stalking my friends’ accounts. Four pictures of album covers? Pretty sure that’s the cause of aneurisms. For those so inclined, here’s a drinking game: scroll through your friends’ […]

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I’ve written this article out mostly to bring some closure to how I’m feeling. It’s a one-sided perspective, it goes without saying, but I’ve tried to be as understanding as possible in putting this post together. It’s extremely long and chronological, so I recommend not reading everything and instead reading the paragraphs most of interest […]

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A Bicep More Defined: A Poem

I stumble across to the mirror a scramble in my mind and under a layer of labor’s dust a bicep more defined   yesterday I chortled and laughed that life could so unwind logic lipped and tool equipped but a world that’s undefined   I sowed the most wholesome honest love a girl like me […]

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Who’s the Bigot?

There’s a new speaker coming to campus, and he’s mean all right. Even his name, Ryszard Legutko, is fucking scary — that name deserves going through the TSA twice. What did he say that was so bad, do you ask? Well, to be frank, I’ve never read any of his books. I’ve never even heard […]

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