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What is Excaliburisas?

Excaliburisas is the blog of Middlebury student Lillia Larson, who goes through her days daydreaming through the harsh realities of life… probably sipping hot Chamomile tea in a cabin or biking through town on a warm spring day listening to “Girl from Ipanema.” When she thinks of something write, usually of something that actually happened in her life, she says “hell yeah” and posts it here, a platform that nobody reads.

“Where are her friends?” might you ask, “Does she have friends?”

She does have friends, she insists. David Sedaris, chocolate, and a mothafugging pencil.


Why is it called Excaliburisas?

Because the URL code is excaliburisas.wordpress.com = excalibur is a sword press.

Anyway, I appreciate any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Don’t hesitate to contact me below:

Thank you! I love you.